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To us, authentic means - as the musicians, the producer, and the recording engineer originally intended and perceived their work.

Our 'Authentic' Standard - Recording Session at the Rudy Van Gelder Studio

Grounded in sound by design, Treble Clef Audio® pushes the boundaries of audio innovation, authentic HIFI experiences, and functional design. Now music sounds like never before.

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Sound by Design®

An Unparalleled Audible Experience

Deeply rooted in the Danish modern tradition of function and form, the sculpted shape achieves perfect uniform sound distribution in all directions, even outside the listening room. Exquisitely crafted and hand assembled in Denmark to your aesthetic preferences — because timeless design, lasting quality and craftsmanship is essential to us.

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A Selection of Soothing Ambiance

Listen to our carefully curated playlists from inspiring producers, musicians and other creatives. The selection of soothing ambiance, calming sounds and hypnotic beats gives an insight to the complex soundscape of these highly creatives.

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Experience the Immersive TCA-M Loudspeaker

You can book a personal listening session and experience the TCA-M Active Loudspeakers for yourself situated in different interior settings at our Headquarter North of Copenhagen.

Listening experiences will soon be expanded to international locations through events and select associates.

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Purposefully Boxless

Patented Acoustic Platform

Danish Functional Design

The TCA-M Active Loudspeaker performs with superior sound quality by its organic and slender shape having no flat surfaces or edges to interfere with sound dispersion.

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