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"Treble Clef Audio is an interesting new Danish startup making innovative and exciting loudspeakers. Not Boring’s Eric van Spelde flew out to Copenhagen to chat with the head of the company, Ole Siig, about the concept and inspiration for the project."

Not Boring by HiFi Pig

"The first thing that strikes you is that, like with real instruments playing, the sound is completely uniform no matter where you sit or stand in the room."

Review by HIFI PiG Magazine, 2023

"There are no artefacts to reveal there's a loudspeaker system producing those deep notes rather than a natural sound source, and nor does it at any time – or at any location inside or even outside the venue – seem less than fully integrated with the rest of the frequency band."

Review by HIFI PiG Magazine, 2023

"This isn't just a frilly industrial design exercise. There's sophisticated engineering involved."

Pre-review by Srajan Ebaen, 2023, 6moons.com

"I went to have a look and a listen and I’m happy I did. You can argue whether the Treble Clef is beautiful as a sculptural object (I think it is), but there is no discussion that it is a VERY interesting loudspeaker system. It managed to play beautifully in a acousticly very poor environment. Somewhat baffling it sounded very good and certainly whetted my appetite for more. Well done."

Robert Jorgensen, Freelance Audio/Video Journalist

"I remember a soundscape that I haven't really heard anywhere else. Not necessarily a sign of quality that something is new or stands out from other experiences. But when there is so much presence, punch through and lack of enclosure sound, it's good - it was like hearing hi-fi all over again.”

Klaus Rix - H15 Studio, h15.dk

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