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Sound by design®express our deeply rooted focus on innovation, latest technologies, Danish design and our tradition of collaborative craftsmanship. Our goal is unparalleled appeal to the auditory, visceral, and visual senses.

Founded in Denmark by Ole Siig, 2022

Passion for Science and Music

Authentic Reproduction of Music

Careful consideration goes into every detail of Treble Clef Audio® loudspeakers. Form follows function is not just a design concept to us, it is foundational to the authentic sound and visuals aesthetics that blends into thoughtfully curated interiors.

Our patented no-box Air Velocity Transducer Bass System, state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and amplifier technologies are consciously applied with a clear goal: To authentically reproduce music and ambience experiences with the true character of bass - like never before.

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Taught by His Musical Family

Growing up, Ole Siig was influenced by his creative and musical father Helge Siig, who developed X-Ray equipment used for quality assurance of airplane wings. His father instilled him to his passion for functionalism, design and attention to detail. During the late 1950s and into the 60s, as a hobby, Helge created unique furniture that integrated form and function.

Helge was also an accomplished musician. Hence, the interest in music, audio, design and science all came naturally. Being fortunate to having raised children with musical talent, Ole's home has been filled with the inspirational and initially scratchy sounds on the violin and fumbling fingers on the piano, later developing into fully accomplished and enjoyable performances that tuned his ears to how instruments really sound.

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Tuned His Ears to How Music Really Sounds

In his teens, Ole built several box type loudspeakers, an active analog phase-linear crossover and other audio electronics, all as a passion. During high school he worked the evening shift at the Peerless loudspeaker factory in Denmark, responsible for mixing diaphragm paper pulp and managing the machine stamping out and heat forming the center spider for a series of woofers.

Ole's career, until now, went from electrical engineering and computer science to designing and product managing software solutions for the shipping, financial, commodities, energy and law sectors. This experience has equipped him with deep research, technical skills and familiarity with the product life-cycle process. About six years from idea to research and development lead to a fundamentally new patented loudspeaker concept and the launch Treble Clef Audio®.

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Behind the Science

Large box loudspeakers have had their time in the limelight, conventional and relatively easy and inexpensive to manufacture, but no matter the materials used, far from ideal. For good reason no acoustical instruments, perhaps with exception of the Cajón, is shaped as a box seeking to contain half of the generated sound.

Our foundation is an understanding of the complex relationships that makes the difference between a pretty good sounding loudspeaker versus our goal of one perceived so authentic that you are always looking forward to more great experiences immersed in the art of music.

To learn more, please download our White Paper, “Room Acoustics, Psychoacoustics and TCA-M Design Concepts” right here.

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Scientific Innovation

Traditional Craftsmanship

Danish Design

“To this day, I have fond memories of the desk and chair my father made for me; I spent most of my time with Lego builds and finishing homework here. Eventually, my legs outgrew the desk, but its functional beauty has not been lost.”

Ole Siig, Chief Designer & Founder


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